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Tressa is running the London Marathon for Talan’s Trust

We entered the London Marathon’s Charity Ballot last year but didn’t think we stood any chance of getting a place. We were therefore pretty gobsmacked when we were managed to bag ourselves a charity entry for the 2019 race!

The names of keen runners who wanted to run the London Marathon for Talan’s Trust were placed in a hat, and Tressa Lismore’s name was drawn out.

Here she is pictured (with Claudine Courtenay) wearing one of our Talan’s Trust technical running tops. We wish her well with all her training and also her fundraising. We are so pleased that she will be representing our charity in London on Sunday 28 April 2019.

Watch this space, and keep an eye on our Talan’s Trust Facebook page to see more about Tressa’s fundraisers.